About Vero


My name is Veronica Lucia Handayani.

I currently live in Tangerang, Indonesia. That is why, most of the blog posts I published here are written in Bahasa Indonesia.

This is my personal blog about my daily life as the wife of Hendra Adi Tohjaya and as the mother of Bebi Vendra Galeny as well. Also, my interests on beauty and makeup, which led me to be the conceptor of handcrafted bath & body products, labeled as Kippabuw.

Please enjoy my adventures in enjoying life. Hope there are something inspiring. But please note that I am mostly writing my personal experiences and personal thoughts. Before doing what I do too, please seek any professional advice, when needed.

This is not a sponsored blog. I paid for every expenses, except stated otherwise. And I am open for sponsored posts or guest posts.

For inquiries, please send email to veronicaluciahandayani at gmail dot com.

Welcome to My Own World…

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