My Mobile Phones 2003-2014

Hello, it’s been forever that I cannot post anything. Thanks to Indosat and Bolt for their bad connections. I do have a lot of things to post, but due to the internet connection, I was always failed to publish something.

Now, I am going to tell story about my phones. No particular event, actually, it just came over my brain.

My first phone was Motorola C200. Purchased somewhere in the year 2003. I remember saving my money from that small amount of salary, at that time. And I remember using it for texting, mostly. You know, phone credit in 2003 was super expensive! I can make my own ringtones with the phone. So, my ringtones was my bands’ songs.

In the end 2004, my boss switched my phone to Nokia. I forgot the type. But I was only using it for several weeks, then switched to Siemens C55. I loved this phone. Small, handy, crisp keypads.

I switched to Siemens ME75 in 2006. Splash and dust proof. I started using phone for internet connection.

In 2007, I switched to Nokia N70. I chosen that phone, because it was an affordable 3G phone at the time. I already using internet on mobile phone for email, browsing, also blogging. I used the phone for 4 years!

Afterwards, I switched to Samsung Galaxy Mini. The first android phone of Samsung. And in early 2012, I added HTC Flyer tablet pc as compliment.

In early 2013, I switched those two gadgets to Lenovo S880. I was attracted to its battery performance. And it’s really impressive. I only need to recharge the battery when I am going to sleep, except when I use the GPS when traveling out of town.

That’s a short story about mobile phones I have been using since the first time. What’s your favorite mobile phone?


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