My Own Natural Hair Routine

I have tortured my hair. Bleach, colors, rebonding, damn hot flat iron, getting out in the sun without any protection, nasty chemicals, you name it.

Quitting them because of my pregnancy, about 4 years ago. But I dyed my hair again, about a year after delivery. Afterwards, I started to switch to natural ways. Gradually.

Today, I wash my hair using “no-poo” method. Honeys works for me, finished with rice water and lemon rinse. Sometimes, I use natural soaps that I made for Kippabuw, just for product testing purpose. Hair washing ritual is done every 3 or 4 days.

I believe that hair and scalp have the system to control their condition. So our duty is to make the hair and scalp condition is comfortable enough for the oil glands to do their task.

Getting out in the sun is remaining a problem. I once purchased bowler hat, but then lost it. Planning to purchase a new one. But plan is still plan. My bad!

I also don’t do so much for hair treatment from inside. But I love to enjoy fruits and vegetables. My today favorite is Red Dragon Fruit, Avocado, Banana, Green Leafy local vegetables, such as kangkung, amaranth, chinese green cabbage, also carrot and sweet corn. Nothing special, actually. And I prefer local produces.

Taking care of hair naturally is very simple and doesn’t have to be expensive.


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