Punk the Way I Am

I was introduced to punk through music. Didn’t know why, in my teen ages, I was attracted to bands with distorted guitars sound, heart pumping beats, and screaming or yelling vocals. Followed by vulgar words as lyrics. I feel recharged and alive when listening to those bands. Then, I started to show to the world that I am punk.

Wearing band t-shirts everyday, doc mart boots, also get into years where I put “X” sign on my hands.

But now, as you can see, I don’t look like a punk anymore. But I still believe in the values that I learned from punk and hardcore scene.

Equality. I still believe in it. In my own way. So, you ladies, don’t be too sensitive if I seem too hard to you. Because I don’t want to look at the gender segregation. Also, I don’t mind to bring some heavy things like men do, whenever I can. Or driving across the island. Well, don’t get me wrong. It takes thousands of words to explain how I look at this equality thing. We can talk privately, if you want to discuss about this.

DIY. I used to make anything I can make by myself. At least, the alternatives. That value also brings me to make Kippabuw. It was inspired by the simple DIYs.

Now, I believed that being punk is not an obligation to looked like a punk. Besides, I am what I am now is also shaped by believing in some views that I learned from punk scene.


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