My Own Face Care Routines

Today, I am going to tell you my own face care routines.

Face is a part of our body that needs more care. The skin is delicate, and for me, it’s the most sensitive part.

When I wake up in the morning, I drink a glass of cool water with a half of lemon squeezed and a tea spoon of honey. This treat is meant for the whole body, including face. The habit of drinking this detox water will help the body to flush out the toxin. And that’s a way to get fresh and brighter skin face from inside.

I only wash my face twice a day. On the morning shower time, and just before go to bed. Washing your face too often will only scratch your face skin, makes it dry, then produces more sebum. I use Active Charcoal Soap from Kippabuw. A natural handmade soap with activated carbon that, I believed, won’t scratch my face skin.

After washing my face, I apply homemade rice water toner, utilizing a cotton pad. And let it air dry, before applying moisturizer. Please check my post on how to make homemade rice water toner right here.

Moisturizer is important. Either you have dry, normal or oily skin. For oily skin, moisturizer application will send the message to your skin that you have enough oil already. So it will diminish the oil production.

My skin is very dry. Because of aging, of course, and don’t forget to mention my bad habit in the past. Where I used to go to bed without removing makeups, even still wearing complete working outfit. Now I got the pay back!

I am using Chocolate Skin Butter, again, from Kippabuw, for a very cold day and whenever I must doing activities under the sun. Cocoa butter and beeswax created a shield on my face skin as natural sunscreen. Although the SPF is low.

Sometimes, I use Cinnamon Lip Balm, yes, from Kippabuw as well. I am the owner, remember?

But how can I use lip balm as face moisturizer?

Don’t bother. The jar packaging helps me to control on the amount applied to my face skin. So my face won’t be too greasy, yet keep moisturized in super cool air-conditioned room. All day long.

Besides, after your face skin adapted with natural beauty routines, it will control the oil production by itself. Let the nature do the work!

Once a week, I treat my face with homemade matcha mask. Simply using matcha that might be the same with the one you drink at Starbucks. Mix the powder with a little rice water, wait until dry, then rinse. Continue with homemade rice water face toner and some moisturizer.

I used to live with makeups. Every single day. From liquid foundation, liquid eyeliner, eye shadows, to waterproof mascaras. But now, I almost never wear makeups. Even in a television appearence.

But sometimes, when the situation urges me to wear makeup, I remove them with oil. Any oil that I got in hand. Either Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, or Coconut Oil. But, personally, I love how Grapeseed Oil does the work. Waterproof mascara would just vanish without rubbing too hard.

That’s all. Taking care of your face, naturally, is not that difficult. Also, not expensive. Are you dare to try natural face care routines?


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