Djadjanan Djawa

I got a meeting at Setiabudi 2, Jakarta, and felt a little hungry. Then I saw an outlet in Setiabudi One, offering casual dining experience.

Pisang Goreng.
Priced 18.500 rupiah, excluding tax and service charge. Fried banana with crispy and sandy flour coating. Served with sweetened condensed milk. Nothing special and I think it is not worth the money.

Teh Tarik.
I was thinking about strongly brewed black tea with milk. But I was totally wrong. They served instant Thai tea with milk foam instead. Not bad, though. Priced 17.500 rupiah.

Tempe Mendoan.
Slices of tempeh, coated with flour and seasoning mix. Resulting a typical taste. Served with cayenne pepper. I think cayenne chops with kecap manis (sweet soy sauce) will work better.


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