Ramadhan 1423 H Favorites

While you guys out there posting about summer favorites, then I will share my Ramadhan favorites.

There is no summer, here, in Indonesia. But currently, it is the holy month for moslems, the majority of population, as they are doing the fasting for the whole month.

In the month of Ramadhan, we could find tons of fascinating foods for breaking the fasting. From finger foods to delicious desserts. My favorite is Kolak Biji Salak.

It is a sort of sweet porridge, containing balls, made of sweet potato and tapioca starch. With brown sugar and coconut milk. I enjoy one portion, each day, during Ramadhan.

The next item is Chic Choc Biscuit.

Chocolate balls with biscuit on the center. Very milky but not too sweet. One pack, each day.

I think you already get the picture on how much kilos I will gain by the end of month.

Next is Pasta Aglio e Olio.

I just like the it pronounced “aglio e olio”. I prepare some for breakfast or whenever I feel a bit hungry. I can use penne, fusili, or spaghetti.

But I prefer penne, because I love the texture in my mouth. I only use garlic, a pinch of salt and white pepper ground, and the oil I am using for the dish will be the next item of my favorites.

Grapeseed oil is praised for its health benefits. Either for cooking, or topical use. When used for cooking, especially pasta aglio e olio, it would give a light taste and garliv does not burnt easily. I use grapeseed oil for my bath and body products too.

I just like to looked bare, these days. Simply applying kippabuw Lotion Bar.

From toe to face, even my lips. They are made of cocoa butter, grapeseed oil and beeswax. Delicious chocolate aroma with great capability to moisturizing my super dry skin.

My current tea playlist is a local jasmine tea.

I can have up to 5 cups of Tong Tji Jasmine per day. I like to sip it plain, or add some rock sugar, or brewing it very strong and add a little sweetened condensed milk.

And my current music playlist is:

Caliban, I Am Nemesis album. My favorite tracks are Memorial and Modern Warfare.

The Agonist, album Prisoners. My favorite tracks are Panophobia and Anxious Darwinians.

I think that’s all I need to share. I am glad to know your current favorites too.

Have a pleasant day!


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