Pisang Goreng Butterscotch & Otello at Suwe Ora Jamu

Last night, I had fun spending time at Suwe Ora Jamu, Jakarta. It was great time that I remember going back home after midnight.

I love Pisang Goreng Butterscotch, Fried Battered Banana with brown sugar caramel and shredded cheese, when I feel not too hungry. The fragrant banana just combined very well with the sweetness of caramelized brown sugar and balanced by the creamy and salty taste of shredded cheese.

I was excited to find one of my favorite games of my childhood. We call it Otello. I remember playing it with my little brother, which mostly ended up being loser. Now, after so many years, I be the loser again. Defeated by one of the staff of Suwe Ora Jamu.

Suwe Ora Jamu is the great place for hanging out, chilling out, even just for killing time. I always find myself being lazy, and just do not have any intention to move, whenever I am there. You can do so many things, and you can even request to play traditional games like I did last night.


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