3:15 PM Roasted Tea Mix

I finally found this product at Carrefour Blok M Square. Before, I visited their booth at FHI 2013, but they did not do any free tasting, either selling. So I got no idea why they joined the exhibition for about USD 600.00 and not sellig anything. Just an Indonesian and two Taiwanese sitting with a table displaying these tea mixes.

I paid Rp 24.000 for this little box of 6 sachets tea mix. Available in Earl Grey Milk tea mix, Rose tea Milk, Roasted tea milk mix and Green Tea mix.

I thought it was powdered tea. But actually, it is tea leaves with milk powder in paper filter.

I enjoyed it hot. The taste reminds me to Chatime. Smooth tea taste under slightly creamy taste of milk. With enough amount of sugar. Resulting a balanced mixture.

Good enough, but still not makes me crazy about it. Maybe because of the sugar in it. You know I do not really like sugar cane. I still prefer black tea with a little fresh milk. But if you like Chatime, you will like this tea mix too.



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