Turkey Sandwich at Opal Coffee

I had a chance to enjoy lunch with my friend, Rani, at Opal Coffee, which is located at Tebet Green.

I tried Turkey Sandwich. Two slices of toasted brown bread, with two slices of smoked turkey, slices of fresh tomato and freshlettuce, also a slice of cheddar cheese and fresh avocado chunks. Served with some shoestring fries and a nice and creamy mayonnaise. A bit too salty for me, but overall tasted good. I can say, I fall in love with it.

And, to freshen the sunny day, I chose Iced Cappucinno. Dominated with milk, but I can still taste the coffee. A pinch. Whenever I don’t need sugar to enjoy some coffee, then it is not a bad coffee.

Price level is a little lower than Excelso Cafe, but a little more than Kopi Luwak. But it is worth enough for me. And I think I am going to enjoy another enjoyable lunch again, there. Wanna join us?


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