I bet that sugar is a must-have item in every house. Especially fine or granulated sugar cane. But our home is an exception.

Yup, I never purchase any sugar cane for our home. Even some sugar sachets or sticks from cafe which we visited just sit like that on our kitchen.

My beloved hubby likes to have instant coffee in sachets. Or, when he wants ground coffee, he mixes it with white sweetened condensed milk, just like myself. And we enjoy teas with no sugar. Bebi Vendra too.

But last week, we received a price cut coupon. We only have to pay 20.000 rupiah for a package of white rice, instant noodles, cooking oil and sugar, worth 40.000 rupiah. A few days after, I purchased JJ Royal Kopi Tubruk and got a pouch oh Gulaku sugar for free.

And now we found our home with a lot of sugar stock. But I can still use them though. So, I am going to show you how I use sugar for face care: Lemon sugar face scrub!

Put some sugar in a bowl. Have a wedge of lemon. Dab lemon wedge on to sugar, so the surface will be full of sugar. Then rub the lemon on to the face. Scrub the face for about 10 minutes, then rinse it off with water.

I actually using the squeezed lemon wedge, since we are having a table spoon of lemon squeeze in the morning. It was taken from a quarter of medium size lemon. So, after squeezing it, I use the lemon wedge for this lemon sugar face scrub.

Do not forget to avoid direct sunlight after doing this lemon sugar scrub, because the skin is tend to be more sensitive to sunlight.

Good luck and have a pleasant day!


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