Introducing: My Own Natural Homemade Cosmetic Line

I have a super sensitive skin. But I would like to look good. At least, people won’t see me too pale or finding blemishes on my face, and the worst thing is to smell something bad from me.

It took a very long journey for me to get into this point, where I finally decide to make my own cosmetics. Also, to share the product to those who are having super sensitive skin, like me, and to those who are concerning about what they are applying to the skin.

So far, I did reseasrches on organic, homemade-non manufactured, and local products as the ingredients. I am not the kind of person who is too strict with any idealism, but to be honest, I always tempted to put some philosophies in anything I do.

For instance, this cosmetic line I am trying to develop. I want it to use less chemical products. The shelf life will be very short, but actually it is not too short. Who would finish a lip balm more than a year? And don’t you get bored with the same product for over a year?

I also want them to contain organic and non-manufactured ingredients. Actually, the organic thing is not a strict obligation. But, if I could give the best to my customers, why don’t I? Non-manufactured ingredients and local product criteria refer to how I have an intention to support other local small businesses.

I still got no idea on the brand name. I am open to your ideas, and would appreciate them very much.

As the first product, I am testing the Chocolate Lip and Wrist Balm to myself, these few days. I love the aroma of chocolate. Makes me feel so good.

Why lip and wrist? Because this product can be a lip balm, also perfume balm. Apply to your wrist and rub it. Enjoy the natural fragrance. And I feel so yummy.

I will update you later, when the product is ready. Promise, I do not want to rob you with unreasonable price!


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