Sterilized Makeup Brush

I posted about how I clean up my makeup brushes on MyOwnWorld Archives.

I wash them using dish soap, specifically with brand Sunlight. No particular reason. Just because we are using it at home. And olive oil. Currently, I am using Filippo Berio. Just because it is the cheapest brand I found on the market.

And now, I added liquid Dettol to last rinse. I think it could help to disinfecting my makeup brushes.

This was actually happened accidentally. When I washed my makeup brushes, last week, I took the water from Bebi Vendra’s bathwater to rinse them. He used to take his bath with liquid Dettol added to the water. Just a half of the bottle cap, for a large pail of 10 liters capacity.

Hope this idea helps you to take care of your makeup brushes as well. Good luck!


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