New Wallet

This is a cheap wallet, purchased at Stroberi at Blok M Plaza, Jakarta. What makes it special, so I post it in this blog, is that I do not have any wallet before. Some of you, my close friends, already knew that I was using a sort of coin pocket to put all my cards (ID, driving license, debit cards, member cards) and some cash money.

I do not really like to use a proper wallet. Sometimes it just not convenient. Also, I never bring a lot of cash money. I am debit card mania.

But this time, I think I fell in love with the wallet, at the first sight. Made of synthetic leather and has a matte texture. Sized not too large, just about a 5″ phone. So it would still fit in my pocket. Has a lot of cards slot, but I only use some for 2 driving license, 1 ID card, 2 debit cards, 2 member cards and some of my business cards for spare. I love it to looked simple yet elegant.


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