Drip On Coffee

I like coffee, with milk but no sugar. But sometimes I like to enjoy black coffee with sweetened condensed milk. Tastes slightly sweet and creamy but still dominated by the taste and aroma of coffee.

Recently, I tried Drip On Coffee. A convenient ground coffee product, already packed per portion in a dripping bag. In Jakarta, we can purchase it at Papaya, Blok M.

Simply take out the dripping bag from the sachet, open the bag and stretch it so it can hold on your glass rim. Pour freshly boiled water and let the coffee dripping. Good tasted coffee blend is ready to be enjoyed.

Medium. Not too bitter but not too acid. Medium to smooth aroma and taste. Also good when added sweetened condensed milk. Will be my new favourite, for sure.

You can use the coffee ground for body scrubbing as well. Simply add some olive oil and rub the mixture onto your skin.


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