My Handy Magic Box

I am not the kind of person who likes doing touch ups. So, I never bring any makeup products, whenever I go and doing my daily activities. But then I realize that my work is very mobile, also, I have to meet so many people. While my skin is very dry and I am naturally pale.

I purchased this little tin at Vanqis, Blok M Plaza, Jakarta. As you know, Vanqis is a one price store, anything priced IDR 7.000. I fill the tin with Maybelline Baby Lips, Studio Color lipstik, soft lens eye drops, pin on hair clip, a bobby pin, and a hair tie.

Not only for lips, I use Maybelline Baby Lips when my face is super dry. Simply dab a little amount of it onto the super dry area. Also, Studio Color lipstick can be used for cheek stain as well, whenever I looked too pale.

That is why I call it My Handy Magic Box.


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