Tuna Sandwich at Java Bean Coffee & Resto, Sudirman Citywalk

Yup, once again, I am telling you that I am a fan of having sandwiches or burgers for lunch. And today, I got a chance to try Tuna Sandwich at Java Bean Coffee & Resto, located at Sudirman Citywalk, Jakarta. I wonder whether it is the same Java Bean Coffee as the one in Bandung or not. The coffee shop was very crowd, so I did not have a chance to ask any waiter. They just running around with a lot of food and beverages in hand, hopping from one table to another.

Tuna sandwich served with a little crinkle cut french fries. Tuna salad inside the whole wheat toasts was good enough. i found some lettuce, drizzled with a sort of sour sauce also, aside the sandwich. I think this could be a good choice, if you want to enjoy a good sandwich around Sudirman Citywalk.

From the beverage list, I picked Blackberry Smoothie. It was not too sweet, but still, the typical sour taste of blackberry just covered by the sugar. So I feel like drinking some syrup, blended with ice cubes.

For my lunch today, I have to pay IDR 67.658. Worth enough the money.


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