White Phone and White Computer

This is a coincidence, actually. About a month ago, I purchased Lenovo Ideaphone S880 in white. Afterwards, I purchased Dell Mini Inspiron 12 in white as well.

Previously, I was using Samsung Galaxy Mini and HTC Flyer. In fact, I am not the kind of person who likes to bring so many gadgets. So I decided to merge that mobile phone and tablet PC into a phablet. I purchased this Lenovo S880 at IDR 1.999.000. Worth the money, because it has 5 inches display, not too small as regular mobile phone, but the size still fits into my pocket. I can use it for GPS navigation, since I still do not have any idea about streets in Jakarta. But it is pity that Waze cannot be operating with this phone. I can use it for email as well, also viewing and do some minor editing with office files. I do blogging with this phone too. And, I love the long life battery the most.

While my Dell Mini 12 was purchased at IDR 3.100.000, including Windows Vista and Mc Afee. The display is not as small as ordinary netbook, but it is lightweight. Good enough for my work, which mostly on Microsoft Office and surfing the net.


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