Chicken Burger at 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken

Yesterday, I was running around Epicentrum Walk. So I decided to enjoy my lunch at 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken.

I wanted sandwich, actually. But they only have Chicken Katsu Sandwich. I do not really like chicken katsu. So I choose Chicken Burger instead.

Delicious crispy chicken, you can choose in soy garlic or hot, I choose soy garlic, with slices of fresh tomato, a sort of barbeque sauce, in soft burger buns. Served with french fries and soft drink. It is priced 44.000 rupiah, including tax.

Looked like a small portion, but it actually just made me full. I love the combination of crispy chicken and the buns. Recommended for lunch. Especially when you have enough space in your belly.


Closet Tour Part 1

I uploaded a new video on my Youtube channel.
It is a sort of closet tour.

Well, actually it is not a closet. It is a bedroom, but we do not wish to use it for sleeping. So we use it as a storage room; clothes, bags, some food stocks. I also do the ironing in this room.

This time, I will show how I organize my wardrobes and Bebi Vendra’s.

As usual, my phone’s camera is not a very good quality. But I hope it can inspire you to organizing the clothes. Have a pleasant day!

Two Colors Inspirations

Here is the ways I am using palette from Revlon, La Tulipe and Caring Colours. I choose two colors from each set. Simple but quite outstanding.

Revlon Colorstay Eyeshadow in Goddess

Use the pink one on half inner of the eye lids, then blend out with the grey one on the rest of eye lids.

La Tulipe Eye Shadow 14

Apply the purple one on the outer half of the eye lids, then use the silver one on the rest of the eye lids.

Caring Colours Happy Eye in Breezy Spring

Apply the white one on the eye lids, give a little green on the outer corner of the eye.

Hope this post could give you inspirations for everyday or work look. Good luck and have a pleasant day!

Chicken Crunchers at Texas Chicken

Ada menu baru di Texas Chicken, namanya Chicken Crunchers. Gambar promosinya menunjukkan satu boks karage yang gemuk-gemuk namun tampak renyah. Aku pun tergoda untuk mencobanya.

Si staf yang melayaniku bilang, aku harus menunggu sekitar sepuluh menit untuk menu tersebut siap. Baiklah, demi kelezatan yang sudah mengundang seleraku, aku rela menunggu.

Setelah sepuluh menit, seorang staf lain mengantarkan pesananku, dan seleraku langsung hilang. Aku disuruh menunggu cukup lama hanya untuk remah-remah seperti ini?

Maaf kalau aku kasar. Tapi memang gambar promosi dan produk aslinya sangat jauh berbeda. Aku merasa tertipu. Harganya pun terlalu mahal, 11.500 rupiah.

Memang, rasanya enak. Renyah khas Texas Chicken. Tapi potongan ayam sekecil itu dengan porsi semungil itu cukup mengecewakan.

Wall’s Buavita Smoothiez Strawberry

Iklannya langsung gencar dimana-mana. Lengkap dengan tagline “Sumpah, enak banget!”.Membuatku tergoda untuk mencoba. Kebetulan, aku pecandu susu dan juga suka stroberi. Cocok.

Kemarin, akhirnya aku berkesempatan untuk mencoba Wall’s Buavita Smoothiez Strawberry. Melihat harganya, cukup kaget juga, mereka berani memasang banderol 6.000 rupiah. Apalagi ketika merasakannya. Semakin kecewa. Yang ada cuma rasa manis yang tidak menyenangkan. Seperti makan permen dengan aroma stroberi.

Bebi Vendra pun langsung beralih ke Hula-Hula Kacang Hijau dari Campina dan tidak memedulikan Wall’s Buavita Smoothiez Strawberry nya lagi.

Cheese Sandwich at KL Village

We were hanging around Jalan Jaksa, Jakarta, and feeling hungry. So, we decided to try some foods at KL Village. It looks like a little stall, in the front yard of a house. Very casual.

My beloved hubby tried Nasi Lemak with Ayam Goreng (Fried Chicken), while I have Cheese Sandwich for myself. I requested Tuna Sandwich, at first. Unfortunately, they ran out of stock. So I switched to Cheese Sandwich.

It is a sort of house cheese sandwich, actually. Toasted breads with grated cheddar cheese, mayonnaise, and slices of fresh tomato. Tasted very ordinary, just like its price, IDR 13.000.

Sterilized Makeup Brush

I posted about how I clean up my makeup brushes on MyOwnWorld Archives.

I wash them using dish soap, specifically with brand Sunlight. No particular reason. Just because we are using it at home. And olive oil. Currently, I am using Filippo Berio. Just because it is the cheapest brand I found on the market.

And now, I added liquid Dettol to last rinse. I think it could help to disinfecting my makeup brushes.

This was actually happened accidentally. When I washed my makeup brushes, last week, I took the water from Bebi Vendra’s bathwater to rinse them. He used to take his bath with liquid Dettol added to the water. Just a half of the bottle cap, for a large pail of 10 liters capacity.

Hope this idea helps you to take care of your makeup brushes as well. Good luck!

Seasoned Rice and Milk Tofu

The day before, I cooked Opor Ayam, chicken in white curry. The day after, I found a pot with only white curry soup, no chicken left. So I strain it, and used it to steam some rice. Resulting a savoury and creamy steamed rice.

As side dish, I mixed 1 table spoon of white rice flour with a pinch of salt, a pinch of white pepper, a pinch of ground chili, a half teaspoon sesame oil, and 3 table spoon of plain milk. Mix well. Add some slices of tofu, until fully covered with flour mix. Deep fry in medium heat until golden brown. Take out and strain the excess oil.

This seasoned rice and milk tofu is good for breakfast or dinner. Enjoy!