Spa! Finally…

A few years back, before I get married, I used to pamper myself with a spa treatment at Martha Tilaar Spa. I prefer spa than massage because I am not the kind of person whose like to be massaged with strong pressure. Besides, I like the aromatheraphy of spa rooms.

I was expecting to get a treatment after I give birth to Bebi Vendra. And I just do not understand what is going on that I finally get the chance when Bebi Vendra is more than 33 months old. Pity me, huh?

Today, I dropped by to Martha Tilaar at Puri Indah, Jakarta, after working. The whole day, I feel very terrible. And I believe people who seen me would think that I looked pathetic.

Unfortunately, the spa was full booked. It was anniversary of the spa. So they are giving 30% discount for each treatment. No wonder.

So I went home.

Approaching home, I remember that there is a spa salon. I was intending to try a treament since a long time ago. I thought, it was the chance.

And yes, the spa was vacant, so I can enjoy a treatment. I chose Green Tea Scrub, Herbs bath and Ratus package, priced IDR 160.000.

The theraphist was nice and I love the she massaged me. Exact pressure that I expected. Though the spa room is not private, like Martha Tilaar. But worth enough the price.

I think I want to try Chocolate scrub for the next. Cannot imagine when it will be. But finger crossed.


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