Jagung Bakar at Graha Raya

In the evening, there are a bunch of portable stalls along the boulevard of Graha Raya, Tangerang. Most of them selling grilled corn and some instant beverages.

I was lucky to enjoy a Saturday evening with my beloved hubby and Bebi Vendra at one of the stalls. While trying sweet or sweet and chili grilled corn.


Iced Thai Tea and Tuna Sandwich at Black Canyon Coffee

I did not have any idea for lunch. Then I passed by a Black Canyon outlet at La Codefin, Kemang, Jakarta Selatan. Well, I thought I could try something over there.

From the beverage list, I chose Iced Thai Tea with milk. Considering that Black Canyon is a Thai based franchise coffee shop, so I thought they suppose to have a good Thai tea. In fact, it was not as good as I expected. Did not taste any tea, more to syrup and milk.

From the food list, I picked Tuna Sandwich. Two slices of toast with tuna salad and lettuce in the middle. Not interesting at all, and tasted nothing. It was one of my bad lunch experience, and I was regretting to pay such IDR 78.000 for it.

Review: Kris Hair Straightener Iron

I was intending to purchase a travel size hair straightener iron. And I was lucky to find this product, accidentally, at Ace Hardware store at Living World, Tangerang. Priced IDR 79.800. Worth the money, because the ceramic plate works very good. And it has storage cap.

Spicy Tuna & Cheese Sandwich at Kopi Luwak

In the middle of my work pace that forces me to jump to many places, I often prefer to enjoy sandwich or burger for lunch. Not that I am acting too ‘western’, but for me, taking Indonesian home cooking is supposed to be enjoyable and slowly. While sandwich or burger is practical food that can be enjoyed in a hurry or even while driving.

Today, I chose Spicy Tuna Sandwich at Kopi Luwak, Grand Indonesia. You can decide whether want to have wheat toast, white toast or croissant. I prefer wheat toast or croissant than white toast.

When reading the name in the menu book, I thought the sandwich will be very spicy. In fact, it was not hot at all. With fresh zuchinni and lettuce, also cheese. That was a good lunch, actually. I forgot how much should I pay, maybe around IDR 50.000.

Green Tea Toast Bread

I love tea. More like a tea freak, that I use anything with tea. Such as tea for face care, even rinsing my hair with tea or adding tea to my bath water.

Lately, I like to have green tea toast for breakfast. I mix a little matcha with sweetened condensed milk, then drizzle over toasted bread. That explains why the drizzle was very messed. I have to run before the traffic becoming more terrible.

Spa! Finally…

A few years back, before I get married, I used to pamper myself with a spa treatment at Martha Tilaar Spa. I prefer spa than massage because I am not the kind of person whose like to be massaged with strong pressure. Besides, I like the aromatheraphy of spa rooms.

I was expecting to get a treatment after I give birth to Bebi Vendra. And I just do not understand what is going on that I finally get the chance when Bebi Vendra is more than 33 months old. Pity me, huh?

Today, I dropped by to Martha Tilaar at Puri Indah, Jakarta, after working. The whole day, I feel very terrible. And I believe people who seen me would think that I looked pathetic.

Unfortunately, the spa was full booked. It was anniversary of the spa. So they are giving 30% discount for each treatment. No wonder.

So I went home.

Approaching home, I remember that there is a spa salon. I was intending to try a treament since a long time ago. I thought, it was the chance.

And yes, the spa was vacant, so I can enjoy a treatment. I chose Green Tea Scrub, Herbs bath and Ratus package, priced IDR 160.000.

The theraphist was nice and I love the she massaged me. Exact pressure that I expected. Though the spa room is not private, like Martha Tilaar. But worth enough the price.

I think I want to try Chocolate scrub for the next. Cannot imagine when it will be. But finger crossed.

Breakfast at Pizza Hut

Last weekend, I had the chance to enjoy my breakfast at Pizza Hut. They have several choices of breakfast set menus, and I chose American Breakfast.

Two slices of french toast bread with maple syrup, scrambled eggs, and grilled sausages.

And, to awake my eyes, I chose Vietnamese Coffee.

For my breakfast, I had to pay IDR 43.000.