Kaffein at Panorama Building, Jakarta

Kaffein is a cute little coffee corner in Panorama Building, Jakarta.
I had the chance to try their Green Tea Blended and a huge portion of fragrant Cheese Feuillette. The place was not very cozy for hanging out or enjoying time, especially if you are smoker. But beverage and pastry was good. Price also affordable. I spent about IDR 52,000.


Green Tea Afternoon at Roppan

I was lucky to have chance to enjoy my Saturday afternoon at Roppan, Living World, Tangerang.

I ordered Matcha Honey Toast, toast bread with drizzles of honey, which make it too sweet, and 2 scoops of matcha ice cream and a little ogura.

I also ordered Genmaicha House Blend. Iced genmaicha with cream.

For green tea fan like me, these two menus are recommended, if you visit Roppan.

Caesar Chocolate Cake at Pand’Or at The Energy Building, Jakarta

Yesterday, I enjoyed afternoon tea time at Pand’Or, located at The Energy Building, Jakarta.

I had a slice of Caesar Chocolate cake, which was very chocolate and less sweet. Just like what I expect from a chocolate cake.

Also, a glass of regular iced tea. Just like the name, it was very regular.