Review: Nasi Fillet Ikan Goreng Tepung at Solaria

Ini rekomendasi menu untuk yang ingin makan hemat namun lengkap dan sehat. Seperti namanya, menu ini terdiri dari nasi putih, dengan beberapa potong ikan goreng tepung, disiram saus kecap manis, serta cap cay.

This is a recommended menu for those who want to dine out with good price but complete and healthy. Just like its name, this menu consists of steamed white rice, deep fried battered fish fillets, drizzled with a sort of sweet soy sauce, also cap cay.


Review: Ice Chocolate at XXI Café

Setiap ke Cinema XXI atau 21, aku selalu memesan Green Tea Blended. Tanpa gula. Bebi Vendra pun menyukainya. Namun, kali ini aku mencoba Ice Chocolate ukuran kecil, dengan harga 29.000 rupiah. Semburat rasa coklat, dipadu rasa krim dan susu yang kaya. Kadang, aku menemukan serpihan coklat chip. Disajikan dengan krim kocok dan taburan remah kukis coklat. Lumayan, tapi aku tetap penggemar setia Green Tea Blended mereka.

Everytime I go to Cinema XXI or 21, I always order Green Tea Blended. No sugar. Bebi Vendra likes it as well. But, this time I intended to try Ice Chocolate. Small size, priced IDR 29,000. A hint of chocolate taste, mixed with rich creamy and milky taste. Sometimes, my mouth catches chunks of chocolate chips. Served with whipped cream and spribkles of chocolate cookies crumbs. Not bad, but I am still the big fan of their Green Tea Blended.

Magazine Nail Art

I never done any nail art, actually. This is the first one, and I decided to make a magazine nail art.

1. Coat nails with white nail polish. Wait until dry.

2. Take a piece of magazine, dip into water for 2 seconds.

3. Dip nail also in water for 2 seconds.

4. Place magazine piece onto nail. Wait for 1 minute.

5. Peel off magazine piece.

6. Top coat nails. Wait until dry.

Behind This Mask of Makeup, There Are Natural Homemade Regimes

I work as a sales person. So makeup is absolutely my daily routine. Not good for my skin, I know. So I do some natural homemade skin care to preserve the balance. Here they are:

1. Makeup Remover
Before bed time, I give my face and neck a little massage using olive oil. It can even removes waterproof mascara, eye shadow or eye liner, but prevents skin from dryness. Afterwards, I was my face and neck with a little amount of liquid baby soap.

2. Ice Facial
Upon waking up in the morning, I rub my face and neck with a cube of ice. It is not an ordinary ice cube, actually. I infuse green tea and freeze it. This beauty secret of Korean artists is believed can reduce face swelling in the morning, and minimizes pores. Plus, anti-oxidant from green tea gives benefits for the skin.

3. Deep Conditioning
The night before my schedule to wash my hair, I apply some olive oil on my hair, mostly on the tip. Let it sit overnight, then wash using shampoo on the morning after. Everybody knows, olive oil is a great natural moisturiser.

4. Face Mask
Twice a week, I mix 1 table spoon of olive oil with a quarter tea spoon of turmeric powder, then apply it all over the face and neck. Let it sit for 5 minutes, then wash with a little liquid baby soap. Turmeric can help acne problems.

5. Face Scrub
Mix 1 table spoon ground coffee, 2 tea spoons brown sugar, 1 table spoon honey, 1 table spoon olive oil. Apply a sufficient amount to face and neck, then gently rub it in circular motion for a few seconds and wash thoroughly. This mixture is enough for 4 times scrubbing. I scrub my face once to twice a week.

Soft contact lenses:
Schön in Grey

Revlon Colorstay Makeup in Sand Beige
Revlon Touch & Glow Moisturising Face Powder in Soft Beige
Caring Colours Happy Eye in Shadow Fantazia (Shimmer Light Green for the lids, Black for upper and lower lines)
Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner
Revlon Big Brush Mascara in Black
Sariayu Moistpome Eye Shadow in Denting Kecapi (Purplish Silver for highlight, Light Purple for cheeks)
Maybelline Baby Lips in Anti-oxidant Berry
Studio Color Lipstick in 109

Taken with HTC Flyer front camera

Happy Holidays!

Well, it is a long long holiday we are having now. Ten days in a row and I am happy to have such a lot of time to spend with my beloved hubby and, of course, my beloved Bebi Vendra.

We went to movies. Watching The Expendables 2 and Step Up Revolution 2. Enjoying time on a top floor terrace. Hanging out with friends and dining out together. Also running around in a family shopping mall near our home. Or just experimenting with refreshing drinks at home. Forget about Jakarta’s traffic!

Soft contact lenses:
X2 Vogue in Grey

Revlon Colorstay Makeup in Sand Beige
Revlon Touch & Glow Moisturising Face Powder in Soft Beige
Sariayu Moistpome Eye Shadow in Denting Kecapi (Purplish Silver for the lids and highlights, Light Purple for cheeks)
Caring Colours Happy Eye in Shadow Fantazia (Black for upper and lower lines)
Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner
Revlon Big Brush Mascara in Black
Maybelline Baby Lips in Antioxidant Berry
Studio Color Lipstick in 109

Taken by HTC Flyer front camera

Review: Iced Crème Brulée at J.Co

Menurutku, kopi di J.Co tidak terlalu enak. Rasanya juga kurang konsisten. Kadang terlalu hambar, kadang terlalu pahit. Namun, kuakui, J.Co adalah tempat yang nyaman untuk nongkrong. Sekedar menunggu waktu atau mengobrol dengan teman-teman.

In my humble opinion, coffee in J.Co is not very nice. Taste is less consistent. Sometimes I got it bland, the other time is just too bitter. But I admit that J.Co is a good place to hang out. Merely spending time, or having chit chat with friends.

Beberapa waktu lalu, aku dan Tika serta Erma, sempat nongkrong di J.Co Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta. Aku mencoba Iced Crème Brulée. Rasa kopinya kalah oleh manisnya sirup.

A few days ago, me and Tika also Erma, got a chance to hang out at J.Co Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta. I tried Iced Crème Brulée. Coffee taste just covered by the dominant taste of syrup.

Review: Nasi Cumi Goreng Tepung at Solaria

Solaria adalah pilihan tempat makan ketika aku ingin menikmati makanan yang praktis, namun lengkap dengan sayuran. Kisaran harganya pun cukup bersahabat dengan kantong. Salah satu favoritku adalah Nasi Cumi Goreng Tepung ini. Satu porsi nasi putih dengan beberapa potong cumi-cumi goreng tepung renyah yang disiram saus seperti saus teriyaki, disajikan dengan cap cay.

Solaria is a choice when I intend to enjoy casual dining, including vegetables. Also, the price range is very friendly with my of my favorites is Nasi Cumi Goreng Tepung. It is steamed white rice with some breaded fried squids, drizzled with a sort of teriyaki sauce. Served with cap cay, Chinese style stir fried vegetables.

Review: Chocomelt Beer at Roppan, Living World

Buatku, Roppan adalah tempat yang cukup nyaman untuk nongkrong. Bisa sambil ngemil, ngopi, atau menyeruput segelas bir dengan rasa unik. Chocomelt Beer, harganya 35.000 rupiah per gelas. Rasanya biasa sih, tidak seseru yang kubayangkan.

For me, Roppan is a place that is cozy enough to enjoy some time. While snacking, or enjoying a cup of coffee, even sipping a glass of beer with unique tastes. Chocomelt Beer, priced IDR 35.000 per glass. Nothing special with the taste, actually. Not as extraordinary as I imagined.