Two Cool Drinks at Monolog

Gara-gara ada meeting lagi di Monolog, aku jadi ingat kalau ada minuman di sana yang belum sempat kuposkan.

Yesterday, I got another meeting at Monolog. Then I remembered that I forgotten to post a beverage.

Matcha Green Tea with Pistachio. Minuman blended dari teh hijau bubuk dan susu, dengan taburan kacang pistachio. Lembut, gurih dan menyegarkan. Tapi sepertinya teh hijau bubuknya terlalu sedikit. Minuman ini bisa dinikmati dengan harga 42.000 rupiah per gelas, setelah pajak.

Matcha Green Tea with Pistachio. A sort of blended drink from matcha and milk, topped with pistachio crush. Smooth, savory and refreshing. But I think they used too little matcha. It is priced IDR 42.000 per glass, after tax.

Classic Ice Chocolate. Es coklat dengan semburat rasa manis namun rasa coklat yang kental. Lumayan untuk mendinginkan pikiran, setelah seharian bergulat dengan pekerjaan dan lalu lintas Jakarta.

Classic Ice Chocolate. A sort of iced chocolate with a hint of sweet taste and strong enough chocolate taste. Nice to chilling out, after all day working and struggling with Jakarta’s traffic.

Soft contact lenses:
Bee U in Grey

Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream in Natural, blended with Caring Colours BB Cream in Fair White
Revlon Colorstay Makeup in Nude Beige
Revlon Touch & Glow Extra Moisturising Face Powder in Soft Beige
Sariayu Moistpome in Denting Kecapi (Dark Purple for the lids and lower lash lines, Purplish Silver for the inner corner of the eyes and higlights, Light Purple for cheeks)
Revlon Big Brush Mascara in Black
Caring Colours Happy Lip in Lady Scarlet

Taken by Samsung Galaxy Mini camera


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