My Own Sensitive Scalp & Dry Hair Remedy

I am gifted with a super hair & scalp. I mean, super-sensitive and super-dry hair and scalp. Seriously, I never found any shampoo that fitted me.

I tried baby shampoo, my hair feels smooth upon touching, but looks very dry and frizzy. No itchy feelings on my scalp though. But I must choosing the one with less fragrances. For my scalp cannot stand the fragrances. And, because I often travelling around, I use a shampoo which is also liquid shampoo. My favourite is Cussons Baby Head-to-Toe Wash. Very convenient, that I do not need to bring so many stuff in my travelling bag.

I tried once adding Rejoice Conditioner, but no effects. My hair still looks very dry and frizzy. I also tempted to try on adults shampoo, such as Sunsilk, Pantene, Rejoice, Dove, L’oreal Paris, even Mustika Ratu. But it always ends up with snow-falling AKA dandruffs.

In the middle of no hopes, I remembered that olive oil is a magic. So, I blended 1 part of it, with 3 parts of baby shampoo. The result is not too bad.


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