Review: Double Chocolate Cake & Opera Cake at AH

Kemarin, aku berkesempatan menikmati afternoon tea time bersama kolegaku di AH, depan Blok M Square, Jakarta.

Yesterday, I was lucky to have the opportunity to enjoy a fabulous afternoon tea time with my colleague at AH, near Blok M Square, Jakarta.

Double Chocolate Cake seharga 9.500 rupiah ini lumayan lembut. Sesuai namanya, tentu penuh dengan rasa coklat. Ada semburat aroma rum juga.

This Double Chocolate Cake is priced IDR 9.500. Soft enough, and, just like its name, is full of chocolatey taste. I smell a hint of rum either.

Opera Cake seharga 10.000 rupiah ini lembut dan seimbang rasa kopi serta coklatnya. Manisnya pun tidak berlebihan.

This Opera Cake is priced IDR 10.000. Soft and the taste of coffee and chocolate were balance. Not too sweet though.


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