Happy Birthday to Me

Yup, June 17th is my birthday. I am 29 now. And I am happy. Really.

In my teenage years, I was thinking about my future. I wanted to get married at 27. And, yeah, I got married at 27.

And now, when celebrating my 29th birthday, I got a lovely hubby and a cute boy. There is no exact word to describe how happy I am now.

Tonight, we enjoyed dinner at Pizza Hut, Ciledug, Tangerang. As usual, we ordered Sensasi Delight. A package of meal, with some choices of pizza, pasta or salad or rice, garlic bread, and drinks.

We chosen Idaho pizza, Smoky Sosis Spaghetti, garlic bread and Milky Soda.

We can find minced beef, potato wedges cut and mayonnaise spread on top of Idaho pizza.

While Smoky Sosis spaghetti’s sauce is tomato sauce with smoked chicken and slices of chicken sausages.

Milky soda is our favourite one, coke with milk and syrup.

When we arrived at home, my friends awaited with some bottles of beer. Hmm…


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