Sambal Dabu Dabu

Sambal khas Sulawesi Utara ini sangat sederhana, tapi pedasnya bikin berkeringat.

This typical sauce from North Sulawesi is very simple, but the taste would make you hot and sweaty.

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4 buah cabe merah, iris
4 buah cabe rawit, iris
2 buah bawang merah, iris
1 buah tomat, iris
1 buah jeruk nipis, peras
sejumput garam

Cara membuatnya:
1. Campurkan semua bahan.

The ingredients:
4 pieces red chili pepper, chopped
4 pieces cayenne pepper, chopped
2 pieces shallot, chopped
a piece of tomato, chopped
a piece of lime, squeezed
a pinch of salt

The directions:
1. Mix well all the ingredients.


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