Fun Work Day 25 June 2009

Good morning, Gentleman Jack!

Me & Everyday Red. A sort of cheap wine with fruity taste of apple and strawberry that Asians would love.

Before a meeting with the Food & Beverage Manager. Touch up and pose at the rest room of the Phoenix hotel Yogyakarta.

Me & Everyday White. A sort of cheap wine with fruity taste of blueberry that Asians would love.

Gin Sling. The signature drink of Vino Bar & Lounge Yogyakarta.

That’s why I love my work!


Business Trip 4-8 June 2009

Waiting to board at Adisucipto, Yogyakarta.

Seeing sunset from Mandala Airlines’ RI353.

Arrival gate of Soekarno-Hatta, Jakarta.

Selamat datang di Terminal 3!

The rest room of the Ritz Carlton Pacific Place Jakarta.

Welcoming the guests and Dilmah T-Wall.

Pacific Place Mall Jakarta.

Tea training at our head office, Jakarta.

Smoking Kills, the smoking room of Terminal 3, Soekarno-Hatta, Jakarta.