The Dilmah Tea Training at Losari Ambarawa March 16

Hari Senin, 16 Maret 2009, aku kebagian tugas membagi pengetahuan tentang teh untuk para staf di Losari Coffee Plantation & Resorts.

On Monday, March 16th, 2009, it was my task to share my knowledge about tea to the staffs of Losari Coffee Plantation & Resorts, Ambarawa, Central Java, Indonesia.

Apaan tuh? Nggak pernah lihat!

Phew! Traffic jam is so not me.

Langsung seger liat pemandangan di resto.

Beautiful view from the Resort’s resto.

Spinach soup for my lunch.

The underground rest rooms.

Preparation for tea tasting.

Honey lime.

Pesantrennya Syekh Puji.

The boarding house of Syekh Puji, who became highlights recently, for being married a little girl aged 12.

Belok kanan, belok kiri, tanjakan, turunan.

Turn right, turn left, up and down. The road of the hills.

Sunset in Ungaran.

Fiuhh! Padahal ini hari pertamaku menstruasi. Kebayang kan perjuanganku menahan kram perut?

This is my first day of my period. It was not easy to deal with the cramp for the cyst on my ovary. But I can bear it anyway!


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