Tea Event at Grand Wahid Salatiga March 14-15

Ya! Begitulah kondisi bagasi mobilku…

Yeah! That’s my trunk!

Ngopi dulu di café pombensin Pasar Sapi Salatiga. Kopimixnya unik, ada aroma jagung bakarnya.

Had a cup of coffee at a small café on gas station of Pasar Sapi Salatiga, Central Java, Indonesia. They served a unique coffee mix with aroma of roasted corn.

Lobby Grand Wahid hotel Salatiga.

Makan siang di warung seberang hotel. Tempe gorengnya gurih dan garing, plus sambel kecap manis dan pedasnya pas. Ca kangkung bumbunya juga pas. Tapi porsi nasinya kebanyakan.

Lunch at a stall in front of the hotel. The tempeh was delicious, perfectly matched with the sweet soy sauce sambal. But the steamed white rice was too much.

Dandan dulu, nampang dulu.

Touch up and pose.

Nampang lagi, lah!

Another pose.

Istirahat dulu sambil nyemil.

Take a break and a little snack.

Strawberry cannonball sebelum bobo…

Strawberry cannonbal before bed.


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