About Vero

Frugal wife.
Impulsive Mama.
Laughter junkie.
Tea lover.
Moody foodie.
Excited crafter.
Dairy addict.
Travel obsessed.
Drives slowly.


– This is not a sponsored blog. All products are purchased by my own money, also all the dining bill are paid by myself. Every word that written subjects to my own experiences, thoughts and senses.
However, I am open to sponsored posts.

– Anything I wrote down in this blog is not a replacement of medical diagnosis, but merely based on personal experience and basic knowledge. Every individuals has different conditions. So, you better get a trusted professional consultation.

– For inquiries, please contact me through veronicaluciahandayani at gmail dot com.

Thank you for always supporting this blog.

Find me on the net:
Wasted Rockers
Wanita Wirausaha
Moodifoodi (I actually don’t understand why I was on that page)
Dunia Teh

You can also download the pdf version of MyOwnWorld Zine here:
Issue #1
Issue #2
Issue #9

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